A message from our Executive Director


Welcome Back RESA-6 Team


            On behalf of the RESA-6 Advisory Board and its Staff, Welcome Back for the 2016-17 school year.  I hope that each of you have had an enjoyable and relaxing summer and I look forward to working with you as we reach for new heights in the academic arena.


            Together we will be challenged to utilize our allies of intelligence curiosity, individuality, creativity, faith, love, and laughter to assure quality and equity for all students in RESA-6. Each of us is a once-in-a-universe happening yet at the same time, we are 99% alike.  By showing the 1% uniqueness, we learn from one another and help change the world together.  That 1% is when the fun occurs.  Together we should work towards universal proficiency for all students as we will utilize our allies of intelligence, curiosity, individuality, creativity, faith, love, and laughter to assure quality and equity for all students in RESA-6.


            When collaborative knowledge is shared, dreams are sparked, minds are stretched, ideas are valued, opportunities are widened and programs and services are strengthened.  Collaboration encourages confidence, enlivens team spirit, breeds optimism, sustains hope, and fosters resilience.  Let’s talk positively about the future and selflessly share the success of building capacity!


            Collaboration has enabled RESA-6 to transcend the difficulties of today and envision the potentialities of tomorrow.  Relationships and trust will be fostered as capacity is built.  The gift of another’s trust is well worth the struggle and is essential in meeting the challenges of being in places never experienced before.  In the final analysis what will matter is the ability of the RESA-6 staff, its LEAs and the WVDE to collaborate effectively in response to inevitable unanticipated problems.


           RESAs were created to serve.  We’re actually serving our customers, we’re serving our employees, we’re serving our students, and the more that we have a servant perspective or a servant attitude, then the more inclusion we will have, the more respect for people’s ideas we will have.


            As we work TOGETHER, I want each of you to know that I believe that you are very special and ask that you believe in the colleagues with which you work because they are special too; People Helping People should always be our credo because the RESA-6 Team has the ability and potential to do what is necessary to maintain excellence in all phases of the operation.


            I am asking that each of you continue your bold steps forward in shaping RESA-6 into an Agency which is dynamic, relevant, oriented to the future, and to the highest quality services possible for the students and staff in the Northern Panhandle.

            The Regional Council and I thank you for your commitment and dedication and we are extremely proud of you.  I am honored to welcome you back to the 2016 – 2017 school year.


Nick Zervos, Executive Director

Our Mission / Our Vision
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To provide high quality, cost effective,
 life-long education programs and services
 to students, schools, school systems and communities.


 To serve the educational needs of the total community.





Regional Education Service Agency 6 is committed  to assisting the public school systems of Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall and Wetzel counties in their quest for excellence.  Agency personnel work cooperatively with county personnel to provide a wide range of quality educational  services. Every effort is made to ensure cost effective program operation.Located in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia, the five RESA 6 counties are bordered by the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The RESA 6 Offices are centrally located in Wheeling, Ohio County.


Hancock County Schools
Kathy Kidder Wilkerson, Superintendent
104 N. Court Street
PO Box 1300
New Cumberland, WV 26047
Phone: 304 564-3411 Fax: 304 564-3990 

Brooke County Schools
Toni Shute, Superintendent
1201 Pleasant Avenue
Wellsburg, WV 26070
Phone 304 737-3481 Fax: 304 737-2093 

Ohio County Schools
Dianna Vargo, Superintendent 
2203 National Road 
Wheeling, WV 26003 
Phone 304 243-0311 Fax: 304 243-0328 

Marshall County Schools
Michael Hince, Superintendent
2700 E. Fourth Street
PO Box 578
Moundsville, WV 26041
Phone 304 843-4400 Fax: 304 843-4409  

Wetzel County Schools
Leatha Williams, Superintendent
333 Foundry Street
New Martinsville, WV 26155
Phone 304 455-2441 Fax: 304 455-3446

It is Your RESA

Your Regional Education Service Agency provides both direct and indirect services to the northern panhandle community. You may occasionally witness the benefit of direct services, but you may be surprised at the extent and the effect of the indirect benefits of your RESA.       


Your RESA provides direct services like computer repair, teacher training programs, and itinerant special education teachers. With these services, school personnel interact with RESA personnel. The interaction is direct, immediate, and personal: a repaired computer, dissemination of improved teaching techniques, and specialized instruction for exceptional students are the outcomes. In one year, over 425 professional development training sessions were facilitated by your RESA with a direct benefit to over 4675 participants. Over 4500 computer repair work orders required direct service to restore county computers. Over twenty eight special education teachers, specialists or aides are employed through your RESA to provide direct services to special needs students.   


Your RESA provides many services that do not involve direct interaction with school personnel, but do affect students, teachers and the educational community. The RESA Medicaid Program provides billing services that recoup over $4,190,000 in annual federal reimbursements for the region’s school systems. These funds provide significant relief to the county’s budgets and allow funds to be directed to other needed areas within the school systems to the benefit of the entire education community. Cooperative Purchasing facilitates the purchase of various commodities and services from copy paper to science kit supplies to dental/optical administration. Many of these commodities and services are used daily by school personnel. The WVEIS system is managed and operated through the RESAs and the State Department of Education. The integrity of the WVEIS computer system is dependent upon key RESA personnel operating and maintaining the system so that all student, personnel, scheduling, and financial information is processed and stored accurately. 


Your RESA is the primary organization for providing firefighter and emergency medical technician training in the northern panhandle. Public service training conducts over 305 classes with 4,006 participants annually. These efforts are all focused on having fully trained firefighter and emergency medical technicians for the region. Emergency responders are valued by all within a community, and among the emergency responders there is a deep appreciation for the training services provided by the RESA that are focused on their unique needs.  


Your RESA is able to facilitate a variety of employment arrangements that benefit school systems. Occasionally there is a mismatch between grant requirements and the requirements of school personnel law. This mismatch could prevent a program from being offered. By employing through your RESA for various federal, temporary, or unique programs, the program is able to offer a benefit without creating complex or impossible personnel situations. Programs such as disadvantaged youth programs, the 21st Century After School Program, the Carol M. White Physical Education program, Energy Managers, and Tobacco Prevention have all provided direct benefit to students, teachers, or schools, and would have been difficult if not impossible to implement if it were not for the employment flexibility offered through your RESA.        

Your RESA provides services that facilitate the ability of the county school systems to focus on their primary mission. Virtually all the programs at RESA-6 significantly reduce or eliminate the need for duplicate programs operating out of the counties, and therefore, reduce or eliminate the burden to the counties. Regional coordination of Adult Basic Education provides considerable effort and focus to assist counties in the administration of adult services, including GED preparation and specialized job readiness programs.  Regional Tobacco Prevention eliminates the need for counties to develop individual programs. The employment of one regional Medicaid billing specialist, eliminates the need for each county to employ a specialist.  


Your RESA pools local, regional, state and national expertise to target and facilitate greater educational and operational efficiencies.  Technical Assistance Schools are targeted for comprehensive strategies that focus on pulling from the pool of 21st century researched based instructional strategies to achieve school and student improvement.  Autism needs have brought extensive regional effort to utilize national, state, and local experts to develop a proactive response to serving both students and parents. New IRS 403(b) regulations prompted regional business officials to utilize local, regional, and national organizations to establish a comprehensive solution. These efforts require the efficient pooling of local, regional, state and national expertise to provide solutions with the powerful indirect benefit of building the local and regional pool of expertise. 


The significance of some RESA programs is only understood when viewed from a regional perspective. That one computer repair that a single teacher may require, equates to 4500 work order repairs from a regional perspective. The single packet of Medicaid forms produced by one teacher, contributes to $4,190,000 for the regions schools. That one teacher, who attended a training session, contributes to the cumulative build of educational expertise. That single copy made by a teacher is one of the 26,400,000 sheets purchased through regional efforts annually. That single entry of student data by a principal, secretary, counselor, or teacher into the WVEIS computer is processed, managed, and permanently stored and retrievable along with every other piece of data that has ever been entered into the WVEIS system since its inception. That EMT, who properly administers medical care in an emergency, is part of a network of trained and certified emergency responders for the region. That one teacher who is distracted by a fire truck siren as she reviews her direct deposit pay stub before turning on her computer to add a LETRS training to her schedule, is one of many teachers who may not realize all the services of Your RESA.   

RESA six – It’s Your Regional Educational Service Agency!



Organizational Chart


Staff Responsibilities

Program Director

ABE Coordinator

Finance Coordinator

PST Coordinator                              

Special Education Director

Technology Services Coordinator

WVEIS Coordinator






RESA 6 Director of Programs and Student Support  Responsibilities

Mandated by Policy:

  • Principal Mentor Training

  • RESA/County Professional Development Advisory Council

  • State Staff Development Council (WV Center for Professional Development (CPD))

  • State Professional Development Plan (Master Plan)

  • Technical Assistance (TA)/Professional Development sessions as requested by counties. 


WV State Board: 

  • OEPA On-Site Prep

  • RESA Annual Report

  • RESA Presentation to WV State Board

  • RESA Strategic Plan

  • RESA Web Page update and maintenance

  • Focus Schools Support for Region

  • Catalyst Schools Support for Region

    • HCS/Weir MS

    • BCS/Hooverson Heights Primary

    • OCS/Middle Creek Elem

    • MCS Hilltop Elementary


WVDE Requests:

  • Sub Teacher Training (Policy 5202) (Based on County request)

  • Subject Specific Competitions

o   Social Studies

      • Regional Social Studies Fair

      • Erica Holt, Center McMechen Elementary, Coordinator/Facilitator

o   Mathematics

      • Regional Math Day Competition

      • Sue Hvisdos, WPHS, Coordinator/Facilitator

  • Master Plan Development

  • Master Plan Reporting Documentation of PL

  • Strategic Plan Support

  • High Quality Standards

  • Teacher Evaluation


WV Center for Professional Development (WVCPD) Requests:

  • Submission of Principal required Professional Development hours


RESA, specific to each RESA and/or as requested by Counties:

  • Coordinate School Improvement Team (FAST Team)

    • Director of Programs (Marian)

    • Special Education Director (Joe)

    • Regional School Support Specialists (RS3) (Cheryl & Rick)

    • Coordinator of School Improvement Technical Assistance (Mary Kay)

    • Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction (Jon)

    • Graduation 20/20 Coordinator (Michelle)

  • Budget Management

  • WVNxtGenWVCSO Support

  • Director Monthly Reports

  • Collaborative Team Monthly meeting

  • Evaluation Implementation with All Schools

  • Ohio County Schools PD Advisory Council

  • Policy 4373 Support

  • Principal Leadership Series (Principal Regional Institute/bi-annually)

  • “PL You” Series (Professional Learning for you by you)

  • County Requested Trainings

    • Counselors & Nurses Cohort/Regional/County Teams

    • Instructional Practice Inventory (IPI)

      • Coder Training

      • Support of Process with Teacher Coders

    • School Improvement Process

      • Diagnostic Visit, Diagnostic Review

      • Culture Survey, Culture Typology, SWOT

      • Support for Personalized Learning (SPL)

    • EWalk
      • Walkthrough Data Collection Software Tool

      • Design, Download & Train Asministrators

    • OEPA Follow-up Support 





RESA 6 WVEIS Coordinator Responsibilities

Forward: The WVEIS (West Virginia Education Information System) Operations Center at RESA 6 is a multifaceted center currently serving 53 schools, 5 Board of Education Offices, 5 Transportation Offices, and 5 Food Service Offices and assisting over 3000 system users. The WVEIS project was created by the West Virginia Legislature under WV Code §18-2-26 in August 1990 to ensure standardized data collection and reporting to the West Virginia Department of Education.  


Outline of the WVEIS Database 

  • Comprehensive Student Management Database for over 50,000 active, inactive and graduated students
    • Demographics

    • Attendance

    • Scheduling

    • Grading

  • Comprehensive Employee Management Database for over 4600 active, inactive and substitute employees 
    • Demographics 

    • Payroll

  • A Financial Management System 
    • Accounts payable

    • Purchasing  

  • The Human Resources Management System
    • Personnel

    • Seniority information

    • Certifications 

  • Related programs 
    • Substitute Employee Management Calling System (utilized by five counties in RESA 6).

    • Fixed Assed Program

    • Warehousing program

    • Grading Programs -Grade Quick, Live Grades and Edline

    • Testing

    • Career Technical Education

    • Electron Wellness Records

    • Discipline System

    • Early Learning System

    • BrightBytes Early Warning System 


Coordinate RESA 6 WVEIS Computer Operations Center Staff Responsibilities 

  • Support each county’s WVEIS related software training and implementation as needed 

    • Set-up and maintain WVEIS user authorizations and menus 

    • Creation of over 2000 Teacher ID’s in all five counties 

    • Provide WVEIS computer installations as requested

    • Provide WVEIS related technical online and telephone support/assistance 

    • Provide data library backups as needed 

    • Restore data libraries and files if requested 

    • Assist with Payroll Direct Deposits, W2’s, 1099’s and Bank Reconciliation 

    • Maintain state required codes 

    • Maintain helpdesk for assistance with software programs 

    • Assist users with mandated electronic data submissions. 

    • Manage county and school user access to WVEIS Web applications

    • Communicate with the WVDE WVEIS department  

    • Report software issues and problems

    • Report telecommunication problems

    • Participate in WVEIS/RESA state meetings

    • Participate in  County contact Meetings and teleconferences (as scheduled)

    • Participate in WVDE/WVEIS teleconferences (as scheduled)

    • Share county and regional software implementations

    • Prepare and present WVEIS application presentations and reports

      •  Annual Winter Conference  (two day conference)

      •  Annual Spring Data Conference (two day conference)

      •  Annual Summer Data Conference (four day conference)


Administer SmartFindExpress System (Substitute Employee Management System)  

Denise Phillips:  SmartFind Express System Operator

  • Maintain software 

  • Oversee substitute management calling system maintenance 

  • Assist with help desk support for employees and substitutes 

  • Communicate with e-School Solutions when there are software or administrative issues 

  • Provide reference guides to all counties 

  • Train users 

  • Maintain the database of more than 3600 employees and substitutes


Administer RESA 6 Web-Page

Eric Schoenian:  WVEIS Facilitator 

  • Develop page design 

  • Organize data used on the site 

  • Develop numerous documents to be used on the web page 

  • Convert documents to PDF or RFT files as needed 

  • Order and install supplemental software for use on the Web Page 

  • Verify validity of links 


Oversee Telecommunications Hardware and Software Assistance 

Eric Schoenian:  WVEIS Facilitator 

  • Communicate with Frontier/Comcast to maintain communication for school and counties 

  • Monitor reports of communication problems 

  • Program routers that ties each facility’s computer network to WVEIS database computer (and to the internet) 

  • Participate in Technology/Networking Bi-Monthly Conference Calls 

  • Provide In-House Support/Technical Assistance


Administer Microsoft 365 Email 

Eric Schoenian:  WVEIS Facilitator 

  • Creation and Support of State Email accounts for RESA 6 Staff 

  • Support/Technical Assistance to all five counties 


  Other Responsibilities:  WVEIS Staff 

  • Write Sequel and IBM Queries as needed to supply specialized reporting for Administrative Data Analysis 

  • Modify and Update Forms Print Forms as requested 

  • Train/Assist  County Contacts in the use of Sequel development tools 

  • Train/Assist County Contacts in the use of WOW programs 

  • Copy media material as requested 

  • Create mapped drives to the AS/400 as needed 

  • Provide technical assistance with non-WVEIS programs such as Grade Quick/Edline/Live Grades, NCLB, Five Year Strategic Plan, Online IEP, BrightBytes and ZoomWV-e 

  • Assist counties with iDevices (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone) for Electronic Health Data 

  • Submit Monthly Status Report and all Reports requested by the Executive Director 

  • Submit Big Rock Report Monthly as requested by the Executive Director 

  • Participate in Directors’ Council meetings once a month 

  • Participate in  Regional Council meetings requested by the Executive Director 

  • Participate in Bi-Monthly WVDE/WVEIS Conference Calls 


  Received Professional Development: 

  • WVEIS County Contact Meetings as Requested 

  • Yearly WVEIS Winter Conference 

  • Yearly WVEIS Summer Data Conference 

  • Fall/Spring Network Design & Strategies Conference