Principal Mentor Training

The goal of the Principals' mentor training is to provide assistance to beginning principals, assistant principals, and vocational and central office administrators that leads to increased effectiveness in providing leadership and supervision for all school curriculum, activities, personnel, and programs.  


Each county school system served by RESA 6 selects experienced, successful principals to be trained as mentors to new principals. These individuals participate in mentor training hosted by RESA 6 that includes professionals within the region. The materials provided are designed to assist the mentors and new administrators in creating an atmosphere and relationship that fosters professional development and collegiality. When educational administrators have support, encouragement, and leadership that enables them to grow professionally, the atmosphere in the school is more likely to enhance and encourage academic achievement for all students.


The principal mentor training includes, but is not be limited to, the following topics, each of which is related to the role of the mentor.

  • Instructional Leadership  
  • Safe Schools
  • School Finance    
  • Special Education   
  • Discipline    
  • Public Relations   
  • Applicable Policies and Procedures 
  • Conferencing Skills   
  • WVDE State & RESA 6 web sites


Principals who are mentors provide much of the training. Individuals with specific skills and knowledge on topics assist with the training and provide  support services. The sharing of experiences and ideas as well as problem solving techniques are incorporated into the discussions.