Adult Education
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Kim McConnaughy, Coordinator


Vision Statement

To be a highly valued provider of quality educational programs that offer every adult in West Virginia an opportunity to build skills for success.

Mission Statement

To enable adult workers to be literate, productive, and successful in the workplace, home, and community by delivering responsive adult education programs and services.


The WV department of Education recognizes that today’s workplace presents numerous opportunities and challenges for adults.  Employers need workers with strong skills and an ability to adapt to change.  Today’s families are faced with multiple responsibilities as they address their children’s educational needs, as well as their own.  Special populations, such as the homeless and incarcerated, must deal with additional challenges in order to lead safe and productive lives.


RESA 6 Adult Education Coordinators and Contacts:


Hancock County:           Dan Enich      

                                            Gordon Anderson


Brooke County             Scott Abercrombie


Ohio County                  Stephanie Bugaj


Marshall County:           Bob Wilson 


Wetzel County:               Kim McConnaughy