Name & Position Contact Info
Denise  Aiken
Career Development Consultant

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Leah  Nicole Anderson
Braille Specialist

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Sharon  Andrews
Physical Therapist

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Peggy  Suzanne Baker
Parent Education Resource Network

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Pamela  Beyer
Resource Teacher, Hearing

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Doug  Blanco
Computer Technician
(304) 231-3826
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Kristi  Briggs
Adult Education Instructor

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Pat  Butler
SPOKES Teacher

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Beth  Cash
Physical Therapist Assistant

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Deborah  Cosgrove
Braille Specialist

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Patti  Dei
Secretary, (Special Ed & Adult Ed)
(304) 231-3801
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Amanda  Franko
Occupational Therapist Assistant

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Larry  Green
Computer Technician
(304) 231-3827
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Gara  Griffin
ABE/SPOKES Instructor

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Barbara  Haspel
Education Sign Language Interpreter II

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Carrie  Hill
Occupational Therapist Assistant

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Michelle  Hogan
Graduation 20/20 Regional School Support Specialist

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Marian  Kajfez
Director of Program Development
(304) 231-3806
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Wendy  Kasler
Occupational Therapist Assistant

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Ralph (Skip)  Kosar
Coordinator of Public Service
(304) 231-3815
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Ronda  Kouski
Coordinator of WVEIS
(304) 231-3812
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Regina  Kunselman
Public Service Training Facilitator
(304) 231-3802
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Cindy  Lagos
Education Sign Language Interpreter II

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Vince  Loretto
Warehouse Manager

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Cassandra  Mangino
SPOKES Instructor

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Kim  McConnaughy
Coordinator of Adult Education
(304) 231-3819
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Keri  Miller
Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Greg  Minnich
Coordinator of Purchasing & Finance
(304) 231-3822
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Candace  O`Shea
Executive Secretary
(304) 231-3803
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Joseph  Paolo
Director of Special Education
(304) 231-3823
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Denise  Phillips
Substitute Management System Operator
(304) 231-3811
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Caryn  Puskarich
Regional School Wellness Specialist
(304) 231-3816
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Rick  Redd
Regional School Support Specialist
(304) 231-3818
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Mary Kay  Reisinger
Coordinator of School Improvement & Technical Assiastance
(304) 231-3817
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Jennifer  Rose
Physical Therapist Assistant

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Eric  Schoenian
WVEIS Facilitator (Webmaster)
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Mary Ellen  Sherwood
Education Sign Language Interpreter II

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Flora  Shoe
Education Sign Language Interpreter II

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Joan  Simonetti
SPOKES Teacher

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Cheryl  Tuba
Regional School Support Specialist
(304) 231-3808
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Dennis  Weisenborn
Lead Computer Technician
(304) 231-3829
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Karen  Wojcik
Medicaid Specialist
(304) 231-3820
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Reva  Yost
Work Study Coordinator

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Nick  Zervos
Executive Director
(304) 231-3804
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Leighann  Zinn
Occupational Therapy Assistant

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